Maarij Statement on chemical weapons allegations

زيارة رئيس إدارة المنظمات الطوعية (أسكوفا) إلي ولاية جنوب كردفان والوقوف علي الإوضاع الانسانية هناك

زار السيد رئيس مجلس ادأرة المنظمات الطوعية (اسكوفا) أدفع الله محمد كنون . جنوب كردفان حيث

إقراء المزيد..

توزيع اضاحي لعدد 2660 أسرة للايتام والفقراء لهذا العام

تعزيز لنهج  أنساني وتكافلي لمد يد العون والمساعدة للمحتاجين والفقراء والأيتام وخاصة في ظل الظروف الاقتصادية الصعبة التي يمرون بها

إقراء المزيد..

مشروع افطار علي الدرب

انطلق منذ عامين كمشروع تطوعي تشرف عليها وحدة شباب البناء بالمؤسسة والتي تضم 70 متطوع من الجنسين

إقراء المزيد..

معارج تدشن مشروع فرحة الصائم للعام 1439ه_2018م

اعلن نائب المدير العام لمؤسسة معارج للسلام والتنمية دفع الله محمد كنون عن انطلاقة مشروع فرحة الصائم للعام 1439ه

إقراء المزيد..

إطلالة من المدير العام





عزيزي الزائر..

يسرني أن اقدم لكم موقعنا الالكتروني شاملاً انشطة المؤسسة في مجالات كفالة الايتام وتوفير معينات الانتاج وفي مجال التعليم النظامي والمفتوح الي جانب نشاط المؤسسة في مجال الضمان الصحي ومساهمتها في علاج المرضي في الداخل والخارج وهناك من يري أن مؤسسات ومنظمات العمل الطوعي ينبغي ان تكون متخصصة في مجال واحد مثل التعليم او الصحه او الاغاثة والتعمير او الايتام ومكافحة الفقر حيث تستطيع أن تحقق نجاحاً ملحوظاً بحكم التركيز والتخصصى.


أقرأ المزيد ..


عداد الزوار

هذا الاسبوع
الاسبوع الماضي
هذا الشهر
الشهر الماضى
كل الايام

Maarij Statement on chemical weapons allegations

A statement on the alleged use of chemical weapons in Jebel Marra

On the twenty-ninth of September 2016, Amnesty International issued a report carrying a direct accusation that the Sudanese government forces used chemical weapons in the conflict areas in Jebel Marra and they observed that 32 attack suspected by chemical weapons occurred over the period between January and September 2016 and the last one was on the ninth of September 2016.

Based on that, the European Parliament called for an international investigation on the allegations under the supervision of the International Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
Launching from its duty towards the promotion and protection of human rights, its responsibility towards the protection of innocent civilians, especially in conflict areas and responding to these allegations, Maarij Foundation for Peace and Development has to put forward its following comments before the local and international public opinion:-
First, evidences provided in the Amnesty International report are weak, contradictory, misleading and mere oral testimonials offered by persons whose identities and intentions are still unknown, these evidences are not strong enough to establish such a magnificent charge that relating to the use of most destructive and internationally prohibited weapons.
Second, Amnesty International was unable to collect material samples from environment or from bodies of those directly or indirectly exposed to chemicals. Also results of the analysis for remnants of weapons used during the attacks, had to be attached with the report.
Third, the joint mission of United Nations and African Union in Darfur, "UNAMID" has denied that none of its members deployed throughout Darfur totaling 20 thousand military and civilian, had received any information or complaint refers to the use of chemical weapons around Jebel Marra areas, even there were no offices, missions or medical clinics deployed near Jebel Marra had received any case of death or injury, relating to the use of such weapons.
Fourth: Maarij Foundation has already begun sending fact-finding mission to battlefields in Jebel Marra in partnership with a number of national organizations affiliated to National Group for Human Rights and interested in the protection and promotion of human rights. The Mission is accompanied by activists in human rights, chemical engineering and chemical weapons experts, doctors, documentation and Statistics technicians and media personnel, in order to scientifically verify these allegations and ensure the commitment of all parties to the conflict there to respecting the rules and principles of international humanitarian law and international human rights law.
Fifth, we expect that Amnesty International with its international renown and reputation in the field of human rights could have, first of all, identified the facts provided and ensured their compliance with realities on the ground before widely publishing and circulating them, as happened now. Definitely, this could have enhanced its credibility and transparency and would never leave a room for doubt regarding its future reports.

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